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Ah, it feels good to be back writing again. Because it has been a little while, I figured I should let this post be our chance to get to know each other. Sound good? Good.


Name | Kimberly, but everyone calls me Kim.
Kimberrleigh is my social media across everything, but since I let my old domain lapse, this blog is under my second handle, Kimberrleighlynn. It’s just a play on spelling of my real name.

Age | 28

Location | Memphis, TN
I live in East Memphis, which is a great suburb of the city. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, moved to Memphis when I was 22.

Occupation | Technical Analyst – at least that’s what my company’s system says.
I’m a Project Manager in IT and about 25% of my job is also doing culture facilitation for our company. The culture facilitation is what allows me to travel as much as I do, and I love every minute of it.

Education | I have a Bachelor of Science in Competitive Intelligence Systems and a Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance – both from Robert Morris University, PA.
They’re both just a fancy way of saying I like computers/technology. 🙂

Hobbies | Sleeping, eating, cuddling my pets, playing video games, traveling.
I have 3 cats, Kit-Kat, Zoe and Hunter & one dog, a Corgi mix named Booker. You will see their beautiful faces on here.

Favorite video game genre | RPGs
The answer to this could really be any of them, because there’s great games across all of them. But some of my favorite games are Portal, Bioshock, Skyrim, Fallout. Currently I’m playing World of Warcraft though!

Favorite book genre | Self-Help/Non-fiction
A big reason I’m restarting my blog is to help spread some of the great messages I’ve heard and learned over the years through these books and podcasts. I’ve taken the Strengths Finder quiz, and my main type is Learner. I love learning and reading “educational” books. I’m expanding my fiction repertoire, so please leave recommendations! I tend to lean more towards Sci-Fi with my fiction reads, but I’m open!

Favorite place you’ve traveled | San Francisco, CA
This was a hard one to think of. A close second is Phoenix, AZ – but when I think of the most memorable places it has to be SFO. I went there for the first time on my own in 2014, and then again with my sister in 2016 and I can’t wait to make another trip back, hopefully for a long vacation so I can enjoy more of the Bay Area.

Bucket List destination | Greece
I’m 50% Greek on my Mother’s side, and it’s always been a dream of mine to spend some time in Greece. I deeply regret we never took my Yia-Yia over when she was alive, she was born in the US and her parents came over from Greece. I believe my Mom told me our family are from the island Lemnos, but don’t quote me on that!

Personal goals | ???
I’ll be honest. This is a hard one for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have some sort of goals in my head, but nothing I’ve ever written down. And they say that’s the only way to make a goal successful. Defining my goals and setting a plan around them has been something that has been weighing on my mind for the past few months. I guess my biggest goal is to make some goals! Hopefully by sharing through here, I can help define and refine my own goals and share them with you.


*I’d love to get to know you – tell me one interesting fact about you in the comments!*

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