5 Things I’m Excited For From WWDC19

WWDC was today, and if you are totally non-tech you probably have no idea what that is or stands for. Let me break it down for you. Each year, Apple hosts a conference for App Developers (and the media) to announce what changes are coming to their products hardware, software, etc. This isn’t the event where they announce new phones or watches – that is traditionally held in the Fall. So this is the super nerdy stuff, that will impact any Apple users eventually. Majority of the software updates announced today will come to you, the user, this Fall.

I work in IT application development so I get pretty jazzed on this stuff. Somethings they announce, like the new Mac Pro I tend to glaze over, because neither in my personal or professional life do I need to know/buy/use a machine with the crazy powerful capabilities they have – nor do I have the budget for it. So in today’s post, I want to share the 5 things I’m excited for coming out of WWDC this year. Note: these are not in any particular order.

via Gizmodo
Image via Gizmodo

Dark mode on iOS 13 – HOLY GUACAMOLE BATMAN, we’re finally getting Dark Mode on iOS devices. What is dark mode you may ask? Well if you have an iPhone and you open Settings, you know how it’s all white? Well now it’s going black. There’s several reasons why I’m excited for this, mainly because it saves your eyeballs. Have you ever stared at a white screen all day long? Yeah, it’s murderous. Secondly, it’s super sleek looking. Any application I have that allows Dark Mode, I enable it. Twitch, yes. Discord, Yes. Twitter, yes. Twitter recently introduced Super Dark Mode on iOS and I turned that on immediately.
Dark Mode came to macOS last year, and it’s been incredible to use my MacBook since.

Cycle Tracking in Health – Now, women can track their menstrual cycles within the Health app. They introduced this by showing it on the Apple Watch, which is great for everyone with an Apple Watch. I had one for several years, a gen 2, but it started slowing down and I desperately wanted sleep tracking, so I moved back to Fitbit. But at the end of the Cycle Tracking demo on Apple Watch, they said it’s also going to be available in the Health app. Which is fantastic. So many women, whether trying to get pregnant or not, need more reliable ways to track their menstrual cycles, any symptoms around cycles like headaches, spotting, etc. This is a great leap forward into Women’s Health, and although I don’t get a period anymore (thank you Nexplanon!), I still want to track other factors for my “down there” health.

via Digital Trends
Image via Digital Trends

iPad OS updates – I haven’t had an iPad since Gen 2. Well, I still have my iPad, but it runs slower than a 90’s PC on dial-up. Now iPads are getting their own dedicated OS, which introduces things like split screen usage of apps. Replying to an email on your iPad, but need to reference another email? Boom split screen side by side. Working off a Word Doc and an Excel file? Side by side baby! You can also pin apps to the side of the screen, like reminders. It’s going to make power users, college students and creatives so happy. And it’s also making me want to get an iPad. Begins searching resale sites for barely used ones…

Photos Optimization – Now in iOS 13, the Photos app will be more dynamic thanks to machine learning. What’s that mean? Say today is your son’s birthday. Your phone will recognize that, and when you go to your ‘Year’ view in your albums, the cover photos for each year will be pictures you took of you child on their birthday. Or let’s say, like me, you save a lot of memes. ALOT OF MEMES. Well, now Photos will de-clutter those for you, so your actual pictures show up in your albums, not all the junk.

SwiftUI – As I mentioned, I work in application development. No, I am not a developer. I help developers get their stuff done. I keep them on schedule, make sure we write correct requirements, we test the systems effectively and efficiently and it’s released well. My experience actually coding is very small. BUT. SwiftUI was announced, which is the next iteration of Swift, Apples programming language. My favorite features is the preview editing and ability to code once, and deploy to Mac, iPad and iOS. Seeing those features makes me want to play on my own and develop some apps for fun, just to dust off the coding skills.

What are you most excited for out of WWDC? Was all of this Greek to you? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be posting more tech content, so strap in fellow nerds!
Also, one day I’ll get to WWDC… one day….

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